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Notice: This is a beta version. It may contains bugs and your advances may be lost in future revisions.This is an application for learning that let you download exercises from the web (just a few kanjis right now). Its an upgrade from Hiragana and Katakana Learn Experiment (, but with many planned improvements:-More contents (kanjis and spanish to start with) and improvements to older contents (mistakes corrections, exercises with full review of all the hiragana or katakana and other writing styles)-User editable contents so anyone can collaborate adding the contents they want (it will use a points system to encourage people to do it)-More compatibility in different android devices, solving crashes that some of you have got, and maybe specific versions for tablets (icecream sandwich), iPhone and Blackberry-A cuter interface with lighter backgrounds with gradients-Use of aditional resources like images and custom keyboards (like a hiragana keyboard for the kanjis exercises)-Better writing recognition, based on the direction in which you are writing instead of the position, so it will be less strict when you are doing it right-Customization, so you can enable or disable vibration on fails, the option to complete the writing of a kana before the application shows you wrong or don’t showing the hints (lines or dots) on drawing-Statistics of the progress, including a comparison with the last time you have done the same exercise.You can see more information here:

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