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You want to learn French, but feel lazy ?You also might not have time to do so…This app is here to help. You can start learning French while during repetitive tasks like:- Driving / Commuting- Sitting in the bus- Taking a shower (requires speakers)- WorkingWe have regrouped the most common words and phrases used in the French language (over 350 words / phrases) and put them in this app.The application will dictate a word in English, let’s say "Love" and then will dictate the same word in French "Amour".All you have to do is slightly listen to the application, and your subconsciousness will pick up the words.After using this app for a few weeks, you will see you will be able to understand some French dialogs. This method is a crash course for learning French.If you want to learn entirely French, you will of course have to take more advanced classes, this is a vocabulary course.

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