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DeveloperPedro Santangelo
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WARNING: Due to intermintent errors of the Android Market, it is possible that when you download "Learn Italian" you get "Learn English". If it happens to you, delete the app you got and try again. If you are unable to get "Learn Italian", send me a mail and I will send it to you. Please, don't rate my app with a "1" for an Android Market issue.============================================================Learn Italian is an application that lets you learn Italian language with your mobile in any place you may want to.Read the sentences, push on them, listen and repeat. Practice Italian language easily while you travel. Learn Italian is a perfect learning app for your Android phone.This app uses the Text to Speech (TTS) engine that your mobile comes with. In case it is not installed, it will install the TTS engine from the Android Market.- 72 daily usage Italian sentences & words- Frequent usage will lead you to nice pronunciation- Play it at work, at home, with headset...- Practice while you are waiting in the underground, bus...- Free Edition, optimized for travelers- Useful at Italian restaurants- You may study while on holiday- New phrases will be added soon- This FREE edition is Ads supported- Click on the banners you find interestingLearn and Enjoy!

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