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Learn Music Maj Scale Notes: E

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Learn the Music (Major scale) notes in the key of E! No ads, no gotchas, no crazy permissions needed!Guitar or Piano? No problem!Try the free version of this app athttps://market.android.com/details?id=com.rockpaperguitars.majorscale.keyof.aI am a learning musician myself (and will be all my life), I created this to learn new scales easier, faster and in a "more fun way".The idea is to start the app, first go into the ‘practice’ section and get the basics down, then go into the ‘play’ section and play till you pass level 8.Once you pass level 8 you’re going to be a master at that key as well as complete the game!Very cool if you want a quick brush up on a particular musical key as well.Please note:-Youtube video/s coming soon!-I cannot answer your Q’s here, come over to RockPaperGuitars.com and I can answer any questions, suggestions or comments you may have.*** No ads, no internet connection needed. ***What is it?===========The major scale (‘Ionian mode’ for those of you keeping track and advanced enough to know it) is one of the most important scales when learning western music.If music had a grand-daddy, the Major scale would be it!No matter if you are just learning chords on an acoustic guitar, learning the riff from "Back in Black" on an electric guitar or learning Mozart’s "Turkish march" on a piano – learning scales is extremely important.The major scale is usually the starting point to _understanding_ music, many people just parrot music, the difference in understanding music and being a parrot is one of the things that makes a ‘musician’. The major scale in music ‘tells’ you why a chord is a chord, what notes will usually sound good when followed by another or what chord progressions are good and _why_ they are good.Helps you to play along with other musicians, for example if your pal is in 3rd and he wants you to play in 7ths… what does that mean?If you are in the key of E, what is your 1st 3rd and 5th progression or your 1st 4th and 5th?Know the scale and it becomes easy-peezy!This program/app makes it fun to learn the major scale (key of ‘E’ – if you don’t know what keys are head over to the support site: RockPaperGuitars.com) and gives you knowledge when you dont have your instrument at hand (like on a bus or train to/from work).It’s purposely broken down to just *one* key as well so it’s not overwhelming, but in bite size chunks.If you are anything like me then you know what it’s like to get intimidated with a lot of material – by targeting the scale by a single key that fear can be taken down to the basement and shot!Learning the game/app will take most people around 2 minutes – even without "documentation".- Plays the correct note when you hit the key.- "Baby steps" option! (displays the notes in order on screen)- Timer!- Practice mode (timer every 15 seconds / no timer)- Notes in Root/first, second etc as well as solfege- Levels!And quite a bit more!

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