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CategoryBrain & Puzzle
DeveloperFerran Caellas Puig
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Learn Music Notes is a simple little game to learn music notes easy and in a fun way.In the Training screen the notes sound and appear on a stave and you have to push the button with the correct note, if is the right note the note sound again, this way you can train your musical ear skills. If the note isn't right the phone vibrate and the informer mode help you marking in green the correct note.After that in the one minute test screen you can test your skills in a limited time. Your records will be saved with the date in the hall of fame screen, this way you can track your progress.LearnMusicNotes supports six different types of notation, no matter what country you are:1. Southern and Eastern Europeans (do re mi)2. English (C D E)3. North European (C D E ... H)4. Bizantine (or pa vu)5. Japanese (イ ロ ハ)6. Indian (sa re ga).This is an open source project hosted at SourceForge, you can collaborate developing, designing or reporting features and bugs in the project page:

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