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Learn Spanish – Qué Onda

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Qué Onda Spanish is the award winning app that makes learning Spanish easy and fun!• Contains 78 lessons based on real life situations• Over 2000 words and phrases • High-quality audio by native speakers • Adaptive quizzing algorithm to maximize learning efficiency • Keep track of your progress • Can be used without Internet • No hidden purchases or ads! Lessons include:- Greetings- Social Etiquette- How Are You?- Meeting People- Subject Pronouns- Talking About Languages- Family- Family (Relatives)- Colors- Colors II- Ser vs Estar- Numbers (0-10)- Numbers (11-20)- Numbers (20-100)- Numbers (100-1,000,000)- Ordinal Numbers- Describing People- Days of the Week- Months and Seasons- Telling Time- Human Body- Human Body II- The Face- Hand- Animals (Mammals)- Animals (Others)- Clothes- Clothes (Accessories)- Por vs Para- Grammar Terms- Idiomatic Verb Phrases- Prepositions- Idiomatic Prepositional Phrases- False Friends- Compound Words- Food- Fruits and Vegetables- Ordering at a Restaurant- Ordering at a Restaurant II- Weather and Climate- At the Airport- At the Hotel- Travel and Transportation- Directions- Sightseeing- Going Shopping- Going Shopping II- Let's Go to the Beach- Emergencies- Emergencies II- Health and Medical- At the Post Office- Nationalities- Countries- Sports- Love and Romance- School- Business- Business II- Banking and Finance- At the Office- Work and Professions- Work and Professions II- News and Politics- Computers and Internet- Tools and Fixing the House- Cleaning House- In the Bathroom- In the Kitchen- In the Bedroom- In the Living Room- Entertainment- Music- Maternity and Baby- Internal Organs- Diseases and Conditions- Medications and Treatments- ReligionTry comparing us with Rosette Stone or Busuu. We're sure you'll find us a more affordable and enjoyable experience.

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