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Learn foreign language by using the objects at home! (4 languages spoken by native speakers: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) Everyday objects at home become language-teaching aids for children. Place the provided stickers on the corresponding objects With Learning Home, find the objects with your child The word, illustration, sound, and sample sentences are provided for each object. Instead of using the given illustrations for each word, mother and child can save pictures and video for better learning effects.Let me give you an example.When a child is learning the word 'father' with Learning Home, the word 'father' shows on the screen with the sound, and the child's real father would show on the screen, waving and smiling at the child. Wouldn't this be a fun way to learn a language? With Learnig Home, children learn new words more easily because the words are matched up with familiar images Learning Home will help your child to learn new words more lively. Now choose to experience this!! 1. household-related words are provided : QR code stickers for the words are provided, but studying without the stickers is possible.2. basic words related to color, number, and weather are provided3. pictures or videos can be inserted into illustration for each word 4. wanted language can be selected (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) 5. learned vocabulary are automatically skipped 6. wanted vocabulary can be selected 7. game function (3 types of game supported) 8. English, Korean, and basic vocabulary Chant function : Learn with fun rhythm!

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