LetMeGoHome Lite: a work clock


Are you an employee? Do you wanna go home? This app helps you to calculate the right exit time based on your clock in and clock out. The countdown shows you how long you still have to work… while you can play with Angry Birds for example :D=> FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LetMeGoHome-for-Android/195287933823710* have you considered the FULL VERSION?- new UI- save/modify/delete signs in- daily/monthly stats- notifications- choose background image- choose sound/music notification- income- import DB- export DB- export .csv- micro & macro stats- memowork clock, punch, work schedule, income, work hours, time sheet, work sheet, work recording, time card, punch card, worksheet, time tracker, punch clock, time clock, worktime, work tracking, time clock, work, job, over time, clock, employee, office, badge, androidify

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