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People travel, migrate and live in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual surroundings. Lots of people also travel to India for business, tourism or on a spiritual quest, but do not know the language spoken in India. Indians who stays in US/UK may speak their native language at home but don't always know how to read/write them, even though they know the sounds in that language. Many also know a little bit of Kannada if staying in Bengaluru or Gujarati if staying in Ahmedabad, but while speaking, we do not always know that sound 'Ka' comes from 'ಕ' in Kannada and 'ક' in Gujarati.Letter2Sound (Gujarati) gives everyone a good understanding of the basic building blocks of the Gujarati language. As most languages, basic elements of the language are 'Vowels', 'Consonants' and 'Numbers'.YouTube Demo: We hope to help you learn these basics, by sounding the exact pronunciations and showing you the elements with simple word examples. This little tool should help you read words and decipher their sound and bring you the joy of reading and understanding Gujarati. The app forms a connection between the written and its sound, which is a critical step towards learning a new language.. for a little toddler or a big adult. Along with Gujarati, other Indian languages are available as well (Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, etc). Hope your quest to learn a new language goes smooth and fast, using this tool or otherwise. All the best!.

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