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by On April 11, 2013
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DescriptionThis mobile prayer application “Come, Let us pray” consists of basic prayers as well as basic teachings on faith. Prayers are to be prayed in a joyful and peaceful atmosphere. It is the connection of our souls and mind with the Almighty Lord.“Through prayer we raise our hearts and minds to God and thus build our relationship with Him. Without the help of God we can do nothing” (Jn 15:5).Prayer has got such a role to play in our life that St. Gregory of Nazaianzus says, “We must remember God more often than we draw breathe”.Through the vocal prayers we express the mysteries of our faith and thus we deepen our relationship with God.We are compiling these prayers as a resource for all those who intent to learn the basic prayers."The contents following this application are :•	Basic Prayer•	Prayer for various needs•	For reception of Sacraments•	Personal Prayer•	Marian Prayer•	Catholic Doctrine•	HYMN to the Holy spirit•	The Order of MassIf you download this app and like it, please leave us a kind review and rating. Thanks.I'm open to suggestions so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you find something missing or if you find  something wrong.Your comments are always welcome. So do not hesitate to post comments and I will add them in my next update. United spectrumEmail:

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