LGBT Equality Live Wallpaper


Gay Pride Marriage Equality Live Wallpaper with Bling!. Show off your LGBT pride on your smartphone with this disco themed Gay Pride flag equal rights rainbow wallpaper that sparkles! FREE!If you support same sex marriage, gay marriage and the human rights campaign (HRC), then this app is for you!——— PLEASE READ: INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS ——–• Optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and similar phones• If you don’t want any ads, download LGBT Equality Bling LWP PRO• TO INSTALL: Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers.• Note: the "open" Button does not apply to live wallpapers, you must go to the live wallpaper settings to install.——————————————————Please email me if you have any questions, suggestions, or issues with the Gay Pride animated wallpaper.This is a live wallpaper app for the android. You can download if free for android phones. A live wallpaper is an animated background wallpaper.keywords: red equal sign, gay pride wallpaper, gay and lesbian, Gay Marriage, rainbow, gay pride app and gay pride wallpaper backgrounds.Please support us on Facebook and twitter!

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