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Polygraph with voice recognition

Eok! Sounds to me complete the degree through a lie detector eomeyijinghan speech recognition

But not

Gandhi ppyamchineun polygraph is full of humanist.

= Usage =

1. "After the click of a button, click the word" window pops up After pressing the button says. (If you recognize the room again, speaking defeated After pressing the button once more says at all fanciful nonsense, you recognize the blank).

2. Chairman of the overflowing bitterness sonjoyi persuasive appeal to go, but faith would result in overflowing the polygraph analysis.

3. Analysis to other people (katokeuro) you want to send 'to my colleague' After pressing the button sends

= Required = yireolttae yireonbunkke

1. To doubt everything in the world are wondering why uisimbyeong patient (family, friends, lovers, pets and the hazards of smoking, dancing ballerina in toe shoes did lay Well, taxi meters, electric blanket in the waves, catching waves cactus, neighborhood Toppokki tteokbokyijip per person is some thing is not shedding gukjja, billiards Tama's friend from the same store is beer every taste teulrilkka Why?, the court priest musoyu you to print a book called What Would passed away?, clubs, night In the 'I'm chummanchureo', like the first taste of drinking shochu shaken wrong? etc. ..)

2. The marble in the took uibujeung uicheojeung heuteuleojisin minutes (like my wife to see me try a little smile. ㅋ ㅋ)

3. Watching in the company jjamnalttaemada neyiteutok gonggam and anger are also impressed, and time when the right poem minutes (why not just want you to anyone Application manyijom four weeks).

4. Gwontaegi knocked couples. Do you say I love this application together with a lower truth came out after the people who came highly Giving the game a 10 minutes massage, you massage. People from less difficult.

5. Motgyeondidaga the pressure to stop smoking e-cigarettes are harmless to your health! After convince the liquid fill charge is given for e-cigarettes and too cumbersome haneunge For a lot of money just fly back and brush my teeth with soap and tobacco smoke cool and majestic one minute sonssitneun

6. Tired, tired of psychological warfare with criminal suspects who examine the interrogation of suspects in this application while trying to find a moment ㅋ ㅋ not fun for laughs nongdamim ... Sorry ㅠ

The advantage of this application = =

1. There are

2. Sonjoyi (sonjoy) Chairman earn money. (Sonjoyi President sseuni money beonmankeum company you work for your company to raise money to continue work without getting fired allows. Nui Good Guys is good, kkwongmeokgo dalmeokgo Sam, you've got nothing to lose reverse, let's put off the fire).

※ Ngoc Son Goku in two refresher save the planet as your chi sonjoyihoejangyi myeotbaekwonssik collect your money makes sense that the earth in peace.

Suikgeumjung part of this Application to the development of the Republic of Korea, the sports industry to contribute a little bit

Developers at the expense of the pool is used. (Four 120 schnauzer ... but three managed to come to mayikyu jalchim Cheongdamdong possible war, jukppangeun real face instead of a bunch of money ... I'll be right ... instead of jukppangeuro fit. Mongchayi the heotsorigo do naegina jjangkke ㅋ)

B, question, complaint, anus, hair removal, Letters, keyboard, Warrior's Battle

Kakaohtok: sonjoy


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