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Not another day, not another day…Need motivation for another day, just like Justin Timberlake in the movie "In Time"? This free app has hundreds of inspirational quotes to get you through the day, and provides a ticking clock that is counting down the amount of time you have left in this world. An entire gamut of quotes exists – from Shakespeare to Charles Barkley, and Kerouac to Ghandi. Share your favorite quote with a friend.Don’t let time get away from you!This app uses the Social Security Administration’s actuarial table for men and women. To get the countdown to work for you, enter your birth date and gender on the settings page. No worries, this information is only saved on your device and not sent anywhere else.Tags: Quotes, Motivation, Spark, LifeSpark, Shakespeare, New Year, Life Spark, Carpe Diem, Live for the Moment, quote, ambition, desire, reason to live, inspirationn, motivacióndeseo, chispa

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