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A simple SMS based application that can be used to co-ordinate lift clubs. The application requires a dedicated device, as all SMSs received will be actioned.Users can offer or request a lift on predefined routes,other users are able to follow routes to receive notifications of new lifts offered or requested.Send an SMS with 'help' to the device running the app for available SMS commands.Permissions:- Send/Receive SMS: Obvious as it's an SMS based app :)- Internet: Database backup via email- Read Contacts: Check for contact name when receiving SMS from new number- Read Phone State: Read the phone's own number to prevent looping SMSsThis application was conceptualized and sponsored by Hartmut BohmerUsage:- All numbers are stored in international format, i.e +278.... and must be sent like that when mapping or setting admin- Route names must have no spaces. They are stored in lower case, but SMSs can be any case.- All followers of a route are updated when an lift is offered/requested- A user who offers/request a route is automatically added as a follower of that route until they clear their offer/requestAdmin Interface:- Add a name to a number: admin map [number] [name] e.g. admin map +27821234567 UserName- Set a user as admin admin setadmin [number] [true|false] e.g. admin setadmin +27821234567 false- Add a route admin addroute [routename] e.g. admin addroute durbanUser Interface:- Get statistics of last weeks worth of updates, as well as the routes you are currenlty following: blank SMS (can be a space, if the phone won't allow you to send a blank SMS)- Follow a route [routename] f e.g. durban f- Un-Follow a route [routename] u e.g. durban u- Offer a lift [routename] [number of people] [time leaving in 24hr format] e.g. durban 3 1600- Request a lift [routename] -[number of people] [time leaving in 24hr format] e.g. durban -2 1100- Clear all route offers/requests [routename] e.g. durbanA GUI client as an addition to the SMS interface is in development. Please send us your review comments.

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