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Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

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Lightning Bug, ambience and white noise mixer.Mix some me time! Find sleep and relaxation easier with Lightning Bug, an ambience and white noise mixer for Android powered devices. Lightning Bug features a library of almost 200 sound loops and samples ranging from the natural peace of rain storms and ocean waves, to pure white noise, city trains, meditation bells, acoustic and electronic instruments, and down-tempo break beats.Lightning Bug also includes many soothing backgrounds and sound visualizations. It even has a stylish, customizable digital clock with alarm, a great replacement for your bedside alarm clock!Features- Almost 200 sound samples and loops engineered exclusive for Lightning Bug- Over 50 soothing backgrounds and sound visualizations- Control each sound’s volume (long press the sound’s icon)- Plugin-Mode for adding lot’s of high quality new content (look for the puzzle piece!)- Control each sample sound’s playback frequency (plugin-mode only)- Customize each scene with whatever sounds you want (plugin-mode only)- Digital Clock, customize font, color, screen size, and date\time format- Alarm Clock with customizable Snooze- Local Weather- Sleep Timer w\ App Shutdown- Screen Dimmer- Screen Timeout- Supports All Screen Orientations (except upside down)- Disable Device Button LightsPluginsTo get the full Lightning Bug experience, you gotta check out plugins. Lightning Bug currently offers several free and premium plugins.ContributorsWe’ve been really lucky to be contacted by some very talented artists willing to contribute their time and skills to making Lightning Bug better for everyone. Please check out their sites and show them your support!Maria “Jpeg” IzaurraldeThanks to Maria Jpeg for images used in Country, City, Meditation, and 4th of July Packs!State AzureThanks to State Azure for sounds used in Jungle, Country, Meditation Packs, and many more!-----------------------------------------Permissions - Lightning Bug currently requires the following permissions on your Android device.Your Location – course (network-based) locationOnly used if you enable Lightning Bug’s local weather feature which is disabled by default. If you enable the local weather feature, only your latitude and longitude are sent to a trusted weather reporting service.Network Communications – full Internet accessRequired for downloading extra content including sound, image, and program files from 1908 Media servers. If you have Lightning Bug’s local weather feature enabled, Internet access is also required for contacting a 3rd party weather reporting service.Storage – modify/delete SD card contentsRequired for storing and managing extra content including sound, image, and program files.Phone Calls – read phone state and identityRequired so that scene and alarm audio can be ducked (partially to fully muted) during phone calls.System Tools – disable keylock, prevent phone from sleepingKeylock control is required by Lightning Bug’s alarm system. Screen and sleep controls are required to keep the Lightning Bug digital clock and\or scene player visible (this is the default behavior, however you can override using Lightning Bug’s Screen Timeout feature)System Tools – send sticky broadcastLightning Bug uses ‘Sticky Intents’ as a part of its alarm system. The app broadcasts a single sticky intent whenever the alarm clock goes off. This is a standard permission among most android applications providing alarm clock features.System Tools – automatically start at bootLightning Bug very briefly runs at boot to synchronize it’s alarm system with the system clock. This process is required to ensure alarms go off at the correct time and is designed to have minimal impact on your device’s startup time. This is a standard permission among most android applications providing alarm clock features.

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