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LightPaper is a simple, beautiful, and powerful Text Editor for passionate writers. You can use LightPaper to write any kind of text documents - blogs, articles, notes, READMEs, TODOs, or the next chapter of your new novel. Its simple interface gets out of your way, allowing you to focus on writing. Your mobile editing experience will be enriched with the help of undo/redo, spell checking, and quick cursor movement keys. To remove distractions, you can switch to Distraction Free Mode to completely immerse yourself in your current paragraph. "Lightpaper is largely a fantastic user experience that’s unrivalled in my experiences on the platform." - "LightPaper delivers impressive features wrapped in a compelling and simple interface" - "One of the Best Writing Apps for Android Tablets" - "Looks seriously slick" - @ethanschoonover, author of Solarized ThemeFeatures:★ Markdown and MultiMarkdown support★ Blogging support for WordPress, Tumblr and scriptogram★ Use local storage, or sync with Dropbox★ Folder support for DropBox and the Local File System★ Undo/Redo support★ Markdown shortcuts: quickly surround or insert with Markdown tags★ Fast Edit keys for rapid editing★ Preview Markdown as you write it★ Distraction Free Mode for concentrating on one thing at a time★ Automatic saving your documents when interrupted★ Integrated spellchecking when desired★ Open text and Markdown files from other applications★ Share your text and Markdown with other Android Apps★ Optimized User Interfaces for both phones and tablets★ UTF-8 Support★ Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts★ Perfect for drafts, notes, memos, tasks, blogging and articles★ And... a team dedicated to making this the best text and Markdown editor available

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