Lily HD 3D Live Wallpaper


Early bird buyers pay less! Buy now to lock in your low price and receive all new content to be added. (Eventually this wallpaper price will raise to $1.99)-High definition modeled lily flower swaying in the wind with butterfly perched calmly stretching its wings. This is a full 3d beautiful natural live wallpaper running on Unity engine. Look forward to more models and animations to be implemented. Buy in early to save!Features:-Tiered features implementation (See below)-3d models (not 2d alpha cards)-Powered by Unity engine***As upgrades are implemented, app purchase price will raise $0.99 – $1.49 – $1.99Planned Upgrades:-Additional animated models (ladybug)-Touch response -Time of day (Lighting that responds to the time on your device)This base product runs great even old phones I’ve tested on with 2.2. Please email if you have any technical issues, feedback, or other features you’d like to see in this wallpaper!Thank you for your support!Known Possible Bugs & Solutions:-Unity loads slowly -On some devices Unity will take a moment on first load, please give it a moment.-Applying the wallpaper over itself can be buggy. Recommend applying a different wallpaper first. (Just double-tap the screen to access your Lily HD settings)

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