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UPDATE: An issue with the widgets on "Samsung Galaxy S III" phones (and possibly others) has been corrected. You will need to remove and then re-add the widgets for them to work correctly.Create daily updating tickers to celebrate the milestones in your families life using a beautiful range of hand-drawn images. Tickers can be displayed on your home screen or published online.The App installs with the minimum of images to keep the initial download small. Once installed you can download lots more images in FREE ticker packages tailored to suit you.Lilypie tickers can be used for:Pregnancy -- display the days and weeks pregnant and how many days to go.Birthday -- keep track of whose birthday is up next and how old they are.Premature Baby -- display how old your child is and their adjusted age.Event -- Count to or from special dates such as Adoption, or for assisted pregnancies.Additional ticker types can be enabled in the Options section.Breastfeeding -- Celebrate how long you have been breastfeeding.Memorial -- For those affected by pregnancy and infant loss.On the home screen widget you can always see which event is coming up next, and click to refresh and cycle through your tickers. When you are online, tickers can also be published to Facebook, Google+, Hyves and many websites, blogs, email and forum signatures.Installing the app gives you free access to a library of ticker packages with lots more hand drawn images to choose from when you create your tickers. Free ticker packages currently include: pack1 - Scenes: Pregnancypack2 - Sliders: Pregnant women, storks and prams -- For pregnancypack3 - Sliders: Toys -- For Pregnancy, Birthday, Premature & Eventpack4 - Sliders: Skin light to olive: Baby & toddlers -- For Pregnancy, Birthday, Premature & Eventpack5 - Sliders: Skin light to olive: Preschoolers -- For Birthday, Premature & Eventpack6 - Sliders: Skin light to olive: Kids -- For Birthday, Premature & Eventpack7 - Sliders: Skin light to olive: Twins -- For Pregnancy, Birthday, Premature & Eventpack8 - Sliders: Skin light to olive: Triplets & Quads -- For Pregnancy, Birthday, Premature & Eventpack9 - Sliders: Skin medium to brown: Baby & toddlers -- For Pregnancy, Birthday, Premature & Eventpack10 - Sliders: Skin tone medium to brown: Preschoolers -- For Birthday, Premature & Eventpack11 - Sliders: Skin medium to brown: Kids -- For Birthday, Premature & Eventpack12 - Sliders: Skin medium to brown: Twins -- For Pregnancy, Birthday, Premature & Eventpack13 - Sliders: Skin medium to brown: Triplets & Quads -- For Pregnancy, Birthday, Premature & Eventpack14 - Sliders: Breastfeedingpack15 - Sliders: Couples & Families -- For Pregnancy & Eventpack16 - Scenes: First Birthday -- For Birthdaypack17 - Scenes: Second Birthday -- For Birthdaypack18 - Scenes: Third Birthday -- For Birthdaypack19 - Scenes: Fourth birthday -- For Birthdaypack20 - Scenes: Fifth birthday -- For Birthdaypack21 - Scenes: Flowery -- For Birthday, Premature, Breastfeeding & Eventpack22 - Scenes: Seasonal -- For Birthday, Premature, Breastfeeding & Eventpack23 - Scenes: Soft pastels -- For Birthday, Premature, Breastfeeding & Eventpack24 - Scenes: Bright and Fun -- For Birthday, Premature, Breastfeeding & Eventpack25 - Sliders & Scenes: Memorialpack26 - Sliders & Scenes: Trying to ConceiveIf you would like to be emailed when new ticker packages are added you can sign up to the Lilypie newsletter

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