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LimesTone 0.9 is out, with most of the app rewritten!LimesTone is a music player for Android 2.2 and up that is designed to work well on Android 2.x phones, Honeycomb tablets, and Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean devices of all sizes.Features:-Beautiful and easy to use interface-Disable Playlists: add songs to a playlist and then disable it so that any songs on it do not appear in your library (for instance, have a holiday playlist that you leave disabled most of the year, but reenable in December)-Song and Artist Ratings: Rate each song and artist in your library; Smart Shuffle mode uses these to play your favorite songs more often-Two Shuffle Modes: Smart Shuffle (default) picks songs from your queue based on song and artist ratings; you can turn smart shuffle off to shuffle normally.-Random audio files cluttering your library? Hide <unknown> artist available from settings. For anything else, you can add them to a playlist and disable it.LimesTone Plus:LimesTone Plus is available as an in-app purchase from the Settings page of the app. It will be $2.99 when the Version 1.0 is released sometime in the near future, but right now it is only $1.99Current Plus Features:-Removes the ad on the now playing details page-Adds playlist generator based on same algorithm as Smart Shuffle-Custom headset controls (single click, double click, triple click, and long press for play/pause, next track, and previous track buttons)-Live wallpaper that displays a grid of your album art when music is not playing and displays the current song’s art when it isThis is still in Beta, as I’m still working to fix a few bugs. Once I feel that it is stable enough, LimesTone will leave Beta with Version 1.0.Note on Error Reports: Please include a message with your report stating what device you have, what version of Android you are running, and what you were doing when the app crashed. This helps a lot for me to fix it.

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