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============ This is the donate version of the Free app Listables ============Please consider donating by downloading this version of the app. I am just one developer trying to make ends meet, and every donation helps me spend a bit more time working on features for Listables, and working out bugs of course! ;)============Thank you for donating (or considering donating), below is the normal description of the app ============This app was designed with one goal in mind: it’s your data, send it directly to whomever you want. They’re your photos, your music, your contacts. With Listables, you can share your favortie MP3 when you’re out with a friend, or email vCard contacts to your relatives, or post a list of your favorite apps to a forum. No need for a social website, cloud computing, or some silly gesture-flick or bump of your phone — just direct sharing.Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or email me with feature ideas/requests/issues.FEATURES:- Share audio files / MP3s over Bluetooth- Create playlists from shared audio files- Share app-lists over Bluetooth with direct market links- Share contacts over Bluetooth, and add them to your address book- Share photos over Bluetooth- Search any list: music, apps, contacts or images- Save & load m3u playlists for audio files- Save & load custom app-lists- Save contacts as CSV (comma seperated values)- Save contacts as vCards- Generate app-lists in HTML, BBCode, XML & plain-text – Generate QRcodes by long-pressing apps & contacts- Long-click to preview-listen to music- Long-click to preview images- Long-click to quick-copy email & phone numbers from contacts- Copy contact-lists to the clipboard- App-lists have direct links to Android Market on the Web and on the Phone- Links to AppBrain &****NOTE****WiFi and background data (sync) can sometimes interrupt Bluetooth connections. Listables does have an auto-reconnect feature but it’s not perfect. If you’re having trouble with Bluetooth connections, try disabling WiFi and background data temporarily. keywords: refer, apps, lists, share, bluetooth, backup, send, referrer, save, QRcode, App-sharing, music, images, photos, email, csv, vcard, mp3, file-sharing, m3u, playlists, barcode, app-lists, contacts, appbrain, androlib, music-sharing, contact-sharing, p2p, Phone2Phone, pictures, songsSimilar to: Bump, Hoccer, Dropbox, App-referrer, AppList, ThruTu

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