When the messages such as SMS, Incoming Call, Battery level are received, "ListenUP" will speak and show it on the screen.When you are difficult to check incoming messages, like Driving, Exercising, Shopping, Working, "ListenUP" will be very helpful.KEY FEATURES1. While you are listening to the music with your smartphone, If the message is received, "ListenUP" will stop the music and speak messages, then it replays music automatically.2. "ListenUP" provides option can show the messages when screen is locked or off.3. If you don’t need to listen the long message, you can select option listening limited the number of words.4. In the SMS case, you can reply.5. "ListenUP" supports 5 voice languages.- Engligh,German,Italian,French,Spanish6. "ListenUP" supports 14 svox voice languages.- Engligh, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese(Simplified, Traditional), Russian, Czech, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish? If you want to use svox language, you need to buy it on the google market.? We highly recommend svox engine for performance7. Menu and description are translated by 14 languages.8. In addition, There are many optionsUSAGE1. After selecting options you want, Click "ON" button2. Click "Back" button in the smart phone and then exit "ListenUP"3. That’s all.FAQ1. Can I change options during the "ON" status? -> Yes, In the "ON" status, If you select options you want, It’ll be reflected immediately.2. I don’t listen any voices. (1) Check the media volume. (2) Install the SpeechSynthesis Data. If you didn’t install it, just start "ListenUP" and then it shows the pop-up window can install SpeechSynthesis Data. In this case, You need to connect wi-fi, or 3G data network. (3) After installing the SpeechSynthesis Data. ? Smartphone -> Settings -> Voice input and output -> Text-to-speech. ? Uncheck the option "Always use my settings". ? Click the option "Listen to an example". -> If you can listen the voices, that’s okay.3. Although I select the other voice language except the english, I listen only english or "Reading Speed" option doesn’t work. -> Smartphone -> Settings -> Voice input and output -> Text-to-speech. ? Uncheck "Always use my settings".4. What is svox? – SVOX is a company in Switzerland and has made good Text-To-Speech engine which speaks more clearly and supports many voice languages5. How can I install svox? – If you don’t have it, you can buy it on the market. (1) Search and install "SVOX classic text to speech engine" (2) Run "SVOX Classic TTS" and buy the voice language you want (3) Smartphone -> Settings -> Voice input and output -> Text-to-speech. ? Uncheck the option "Always use my settings". ? Check "SVOX Classic TTS" below screen ? Click "Default engine" and Check "SVOX Classic TTS" ? Click "SVOX Classic TTS" and Check "Language Override" ? Click "Language" and Check the language you want to listen ? Click "Listen to an example"? About the incorrect translation, please mail to seongsoft@gmail.comsms, call, battery, spb, shell, kakaotalk, youtube, flash, vaulty, free, freemusic, whatsapp, horoscope, gasbuddy,dropbox, shazam, poweramp, titanium, root, rom manager, beautiful widget, picsay, swiftkey, soundhound

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