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IMPORTANT: if your widgets stop working after an update, please try removing them and re-adding! If there’s still a problem, contact us.A simple widget (not an app!) that displays the current price of litecoin, bitcoin, namecoin, ppcoin, terracoin, feathercoin, or freicoin as reported by either Btc-e, Vircurex, Mtgox, Bitstamp, or Campbx. You can choose to view the price converted to any of 8 major old-world currencies.Since this is a widget, it won’t show up in your app tray, only in the widget tray. Also, Some users have reported needing to reboot in order for the widget to show up.Any time a number was estimated (as opposed to coming from an exchange directly) it is marked with an asterisk. Estimates are based on reasonably recent rates (for BTC/USD, should be within 5 minutes, for all old-world currency rates, one hour).Auto-updates every 30 minutes, or you can touch the widget to update immediately.Source code is available at Patches welcome. Donations too:LTC: La4tLJuU3EJnuvSR2KhjgBREwGXXVHKcS2BTC: 1PBiV4z3VX21U3few3N1JeiuA5p4fvJU5qQuestions or comments? Please post to the bitcointalk page: 22: – fix bug which caused widget not to work when default coin was accepted – add support for coinbase BTCversion 21: bug fix releaseversion 20: – add bitstamp and campbx for BTC prices – add freicoin (Vircurex)version 19: fix minor regression introduced in version 18version 18:- cleaner exchange/coin selection. you may have to delete and re-add all your widgets as the underlying configuration type has changed.- add FTCversion 17:- add TRC, remove Bitfloorversion 16:- use exchange prices, instead of estimates, in more cases.version 15:- complete overhaul of background and foreground color implementation. Now you get a full color picker, and a dynamically generated background that actually works (including custom alpha levels!) on older versions of android.- fix bug causing some widgets to never update, either when tapped or automatically- don’t display toast messages during background refreshes; only when the users actually taps the in version 14:- fix this bug: "when turning data off and then back on again later, tapping on the widget does not refresh it"- display default values for transparency level and color in prefs view- add status toasts "refreshing.." or "no network connection" when you click the widgetnew in version 13:- add much-requested option to control level of transparency- workaround sporadic network errors due to this bug in Android: make layout more consistent for BTC price widgetsnew in version 12:- bugfix: remove extraneous call to vircurex api when configuring the widgetnew in version 11:- add BTC-E NMC support- SSL host verification disabled, as it was causing some users to be unable to access data from btc-enew in version 10:- add BTC-E PPC support (NVC, TRC still todo)- errors downloading are now briefly displayed to the screennew in version 9:- support for estimated values in 8 different old-world currencies, courtesy of old-world currency exchange rates are cached for up to an hour.- ability to choose between three text colors; hopefully this helps those who were having trouble seeing text on a light background- fix crash in some old versions of android (due to SharedPreferences.Editor.apply)new in version 8:- when exchange is unreachable, continue to display previous result (and time) instead of overwriting with 0- add estimated dollar amounts to coins which don’t trade in dollars. If a price is an estimate, it is marked with an asterisk

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