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The ultimate camera effects application, 28 free live camera effect filters, apply sketch, colour, mirror and distortion effects in real time with a live preview!? Custom filter creator: Combine effects with the editor in an order of your choice e.g. Sketch and then Wave, or Ripple, Invert then Edge detect. Chain up to 6 effects at once for 50 Million+ permutations!!? Load existing photo? Not post-processed effects, real time effects applied to the camera feed!? A number of effects are animated, like water reflection, ripple, twist and wave effects!? Menu system shows live previews of 6 filters at once!Effects include:? One Colour – touch the screen to set the colour – takes photos just like our icon? Sketch? Thermal camera simulation? Strong Lens / fisheye / buldge? Emboss? Edge detect? Wavey – animated? Water reflection – animated? Ripple – animated? Twist / twirl – animated? TV Pixels – animated? Pixelate / pixelated – animated? Mirrors? Colour filters, sepia, greyscale? Zoom if your camera supports it? Multicamera support for those who have more than one camera and Android 2.3.3+? Saves photos to SD Card DCIM/LiveFX/EULA and privacy statement here (also available in app):

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