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Live PC Cam Viewer Lite1 minute limited. If you want to use full version of Live PC cam Viewer without limitation, please purchase Live PC Cam Viewer Pro.Mobile live monitoring anywhere/anytimes on your Android phone.Are you using your PC(USB) Camera only for chating or taking photo??From now you can use your PC(USB) Camera for Security or Protection. Also, you can take care of your baby or pet"Live PC Cam Viewer" is an application that provide mentioned functionalities.You can use this application at all of place where exist PC Cam like as small shop, retail shop, small office and home etc.1. Max. 4 PC(USB) Camera live remote monitoring2. Remote playback on your Android Phone3. All kinds of PC(USB) Camera acceptance4. Free Recording Software to stream from your PC(USB) Camera - AnyGuard Free Download : How to use1. Download "Live PC Cam Viewer" on you mobile phone.2. Download and Install Recording/streamming Software on you PC that connected PC(USB) Camera. - AnyGuard Free Download : - AnyGuard Quick Guide (Recorder S/W) : * Functionality of Recording Software - Max. 4CH Live Monitoring and Recording simultaneously - Providing Various Recording Method (Motion, Sensor, Audio, Continue) - DDNS Server Support (Free) - Full Screen Support - Support User Account - Backup in "Avi" or "Low Data" file - Easy playback (Select the date and time => playback button is all) - Direct Image & Video search from event listMajor Benefit1. Save time and Money : It is not necessary to use addtional expense 2. Free movement and effective time using : It is not necessary to stay any person with PC everytime3. Peace of mind at all times4. Easy to install and use * If you need advanced security system, please contact - For use more than 4 cameras - For use Security Camera (Analogue Camera) - For use IP(Network) Camera - For use alarm/sensor - For use POS/ATM Digital Video Recording function - For use Video Analytics function - For use People/vehicles counting functionIn more information, please visit our web site

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