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LiveStock is a "Live Stats" application and widget for iStockphoto contributors. If you don’t have an iStockphoto contributor account this app is no use to you.Monitor your istock sales and stats. See today’s current totals for downloads, royalty and redeemed credits, plus current balance and current redeemed credit running totals for your different media types. Details of all your recent downloads, pending subscription sales and Extended License sales. Filter by Vetta/Agency/Exclusive+/Photo+/Editorial/Dollar Bin.Many stats options including: sales stats by month and by year, compare to previous months and years; stats and graphs of Redeemed Credits earned by day and by month; graphs and tables of sales by age of file sold; sales by file size; PP and Getty graphs; best days and months; best selling files by month; monthly summary; etc., etc.See the LiveStock thread in the istock Tools And Applications forum for help and support.Permissions:LiveStock requires the following permissions for these reasons — FULL INTERNET ACCESS: otherwise it wouldn’t be able to get your details from iStock’s servers. If you are security conscious and need to explicitly allow LiveStock through a firewall, the ONLY addresses that LiveStock connects to are, and It needs to connect to two standard ports; 80 (for HTTP data) and 443 (for secure HTTPS data). LiveStock never attempts to connect to any other addresses nor any other ports;- MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS: so that it can save a local backup of your data;- PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING: so that it can ensure your phone doesn’t go to sleep in the middle of scraping your download stats;- VIEW NETWORK STATE: so that it knows whether you’re connected through WiFi or a cellular network (in case you’ve said to only download data whilst on WiFi);- AUTOMATICALLY START AT BOOT: so that you have the option for LiveStock to automatically restart when you reboot your phone.

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