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With THIEF FACE TRAP and SECRET VIDEO RECORDING! One of the most secure and advanced tools of its kind. It will assist you in protecting your phone and tablet(*), and locate it if it has been lost or stolen. Works everywhere, even without an Internet connection(**). By sending it an SMS Message, you can remotely make it ring, lock the screen, wipe data, list calls, take secret pictures and videos, record calls, audio, get its position, etc. Take picture of a thief every time he uses the device. You can also use it to locate a child and for other tracking purposes(*) Works on Tablets with GPS and SIM cardTake secret pictures and videos. No camera preview. No shutter soundNew: Copy All SMSsUse LIGHT CHECKING FEATURE to detect if a briefcase or parcel is opened, or if someone enters a dark room. Useful for Tracking PackagesIt is installed with the name LMP, to make it less obvious what it actually does. Furthermore, by removing the App's launch Icon, it is hard for a thief (or person being tracked) to detect its existenceIf a thief inserts a new SIM card in the phone, you will receive an SMS Message from his new telephone numberAfter you have started LocateMyPhone in Stealth Mode, it will run hidden in the background, and you can forget all about it. Even if the phone is turned off and on again, it will restart automaticallyYou can enable LMP to take a secret picture of a thief (or other user) each time he tries to open the screen. You can also listen in on a thief, without him hearing itAn important difference between LocateMyPhone and similar applications is that this app requires NO REGISTRATION, and there is NO MONTHLY FEEIf you have concerns about installing those apps which require that you hand over full control over your phone to some remote web-site, this may be the app for you. LocateMyPhone does (more or less) the same as those apps, while you are keeping full control over your own phone. Some of those apps also require an Internet connection to work properlyFEATURES:- Take pictures, videos and make audio recordings secretly, send via email (** requires Internet connection)- Sends SMS if device moves outside an Alarm Zone- Remote Control of Ringing, Wipe Data, Screen Locking, etc- Option to hide the App's Icon (making it hard to detect its existence)- IMPOSSIBLE for an unauthorized person to uninstall- A locked screen makes it IMPOSSIBLE for a thief to tamper with phone- Password Protection- Copy SMSs- Sends SMS Message at Low Battery ("Dying Gasp") and change of SIM card- Received SMS Messages are hidden from the user in Stealth Phase- Normally GPS Positioning is used. In places with no GPS coverage, the GSM Network is used insteadISSUES:- There may be an issue on some devices re taking pictures or recording videos. Please check your device, and report errors to developerSome supported SMS Commands:Help (to receive an SMS containing list of commands)MaxRingingVolume or MRV (to set Max Ringing Volume)RingAloud or RA (to Ring Aloud for three minutes)LockScreen or LS (to Lock the Screen)WipeData-WipeData or WD-WD (to perform a Factory Data Reset)ListCalls or LC (to get lists of recent phone calls)TakeFrontPicture or TFPTakeBackPicture or TBPStartTakingPicturesOfUser or STPOURecordAudio or RECARecordFrontVideo or RFVStartRecordingCalls or SRCEnableAlarmZone or EAZStartCopyingSmss or SCSThe SMS Password must also be includedIf you would like a similar app which is EASIER to use - and you do not want to be bothered with a locked screen, you should have a look at Thief Face Trap HiddenNOTE that to UNINSTALL this program, you must first go (on the phone's menu) to Settings->Location & Security->Select device administrators, and click on LMP, and on Deactivate. When the screen locks, use your password to unlock it. Then the app can be uninstalled normallyIf you have a problem, please send us an email. Just giving it a low rating does not help anybody

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