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Get the LogCat file from the device with this application! Generates a plain text file on the device's sdcard and also sending it by email!You know, even if you do several tests, put a lot of code to prevent bugs, at least one error will always happen or any scenario you have not anticipated will crash your application. And especially when you work with enterprise applications, to ask to your customer to enter a command of the ADB or attempt to connect the device using Eclipse it's not a good practice...As I had this problem on a project, I created this application to read the LogCat from the device and store it in a TXT file in the sdcard. The user also can send the log file by e-mail.****: This BETA version only works if the device has sdcard. Other ways to save the file will come in future versions. ********** This is a tool for developers, and I created to help me on some projects, and so I decied to publish it. It really is not an application to be beautiful, but with a definite use. ****

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