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Have you ever lent your phone to a friend, only to have them snoop through the photos? Had a nosy co-worker pick up your phone and thumb through it? Or even a younger sibling running off with your phone?LokPixLite will put a stop to all that. It's a photo capture and storage system that will keep the busybodies out of your pictures. It's also a demo of the high-security, paid app LokPixPro. If you need professional security, and are in the United States, you will want to check out LokPixPro in the Google Play store.LokPixLite has the following features:- Built-in Camera capture. Your photos go straight from the camera to the SD card encrypted. No old files to be uncovered by hackers using file undeleters. - The Camera features a variety of exposure settings, and fun special effects to liven up your shots.- Camera self-timer to allow you to get in the shot.- A unique “Virtual Album” system that allows you to split up your photos under different passwords. This lets you decide who sees which pictures. Easy Import and Export options to move your pictures in and out of LokPixLite.- Photo viewer built in, with panning and 12 zoom levels.- Slide show – cycles through your secured pictures without having to save decrypted copies on the SD card.- Re-encrypt your photos with a new passkey at any time, securely.- Secure deletion of unwanted photos. The files are overwritten with random data before deleting, so no trace is left. You may remove them one at a time, or all at once.- Upwards compatibility with LokPixPro. If you have both versions, Pro can read and upgrade the encryption of your Lite photos.Unlike “vault” apps, LokPix secured pictures may be individually copied to other devices, synced with the cloud, and otherwise moved about without losing their encryption. This makes it very easy to distribute confidential photos. LokPixLite has the following differences from LokPixPro:- The encryption system is fairly weak. LokPixPro is very strong (and thus export-restricted).- LokPixLite limits you to 40 encrypted photos per SD card. LokPixPro has no limit.- LokPixLite only supports JPEG. LokPixPro also supports GIF, PNG, and BMP.Try it today for free! See our website at for details on using LokPixLite, or any of our other apps.Have questions or comments? Contact us at: closecrowd@gmail.comor Tweet to: @CloseCrowdAll emails and tweets will be answered - bug reports will be given the utmost attention.**** SECURITY NOTICE ****LokPixLite uses the following permissions ONLY:Storage Modify/delete SD card contentsHardware controls Take pictures and videos

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