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LokPixPro 2.0 is the next-generation of our strong-security media encryption products. It's the result of three years of field experience with LokPixPro Version 1, decades of professional software development experience, and lots of user feedback. Don't depend on toys for your privacy - this is real cryptography.- How many times have you heard of a phone being lost or stolen, and the information in it compromised? This is the defense shield for your photographic media.- Do you need to carry copies of important documents with you, but are concerned about identity theft? Simply scan them, then import the images into LokPixPro. Now you have secure copies as handy as your phone or tablet.- Worried about your phone being hacked, and your personal photos being splashed all over the Internet? If they were protected by LokPixPro, they would be safe and sound.- Grabbing snapshots of whiteboard brainstorming sessions is an easy way to take notes, but what happens if you lose your phone in a taxi? How much would a competitor pay to get their hands on the contents? How hard would they try to extract the files? LokPixPro is designed to protect your data in situations like this.- Even if you just let friends borrow your phone - how many people can resist the urge to snoop? Frustrate them with LokPixPro.LokPixPro allows you to Capture, View, Import, Export, and store your pictures with industry-standard AES encryption, and attention to best security practices. Even if a hacker removes the SD card from your phone and analyzes it, the locked photos will remain safe. If someone downloads the complete contents of your phone, your photos will stay secure.The built-in Camera module saves your photos DIRECTLY into encrypted files on the SD card - no temp files or other loose ends. It has a variety of fun and useful exposure and special effect modes such as Monochrome and Sepia Tone. This app *WILL* work on devices without a hardware camera, such as the Nook, if you load photos from other sources like the web.LokPixPro features a very unique "Virtual Album" system, allowing you to create as many separate groups of photos as you have room for on the SD card. Each Album has it's own password, and you can hide the contents of the other Albums from anyone who doesn't have their password(s).You can import photos from the regular Android Gallery app, and export encrypted photos *to* the Gallery (for transferring or emailing). You may also securely move photos between Virtual Albums without decrypting them. Image support is limited to JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG formats in this version.Try LokPixLite for FREE *before* you buy this version. It has most of the same unique features, but with a much-weaker encryption system (and older UI). LokPixPro can view the LokPixLite-encrypted photos (with the correct password), and can upgrade them to the much stronger Pro encryption.See our website at http://www.closecrowd.com/Pages/LokPixPro2Intro.aspx for details on using LokPixPro Version 2.Have questions or comments? Email us at: closecrowd@gmail.com or Tweet to: @CloseCrowdAll emails and tweets will be answered - bug reports will be given the utmost attention. **** SECURITY NOTICE ****LokPixPro uses the following permissions ONLY: Storage Modify/delete SD card contents Hardware controls Change your audio settings Take pictures and videosIt does NOT require network access of any kind. Otherwise, who knows where your confidential data may wind up...Note: Due to the strong encryption technology implemented in LokPixPro, this application is only legally available in the United States: Ref. EAR 742.15(a), Title 15 Code of U.S. Federal Regulations.

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