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Lookout offers essential protection against all the bad stuff that can happen to your phone or tablet, like malware & viruses, loss, and theft. Lookout’s security features are FREE, but for complete protection, upgrade to Lookout Premium. All downloads include a FREE two-week trial of Lookout Premium with no credit card required. At the end of the trial you can keep the free version of the app for as long as you like. See why Lookout is the most downloaded mobile security and antivirus app in the Google Play Store with more than 30 million happy customers and an avg rating of 4.5 stars. Here’s what press are saying: ★ PC Mag Editor’s Choice “Excellent antivirus protection” ★ TechCrunch “Top 10 Best Free Apps” ★ PCWorld “5 out of 5 stars!” Feature Overview - *Premium* features noted with *stars* SECURITY & ANTIVIRUS Backed by the Mobile Threat Network, Lookout protects you from bad stuff – like malware and viruses - that can slow down your phone or make unauthorized charges to your wireless bill with over-the-air, real-time updates. • Detect and remove viruses and spyware that can hide in apps, email attachments, or phone files. • Scan every number you click to call from your mobile browser and we’ll alert you if dialing the number might have unintended consequences, like wiping your phone. • Schedule antivirus scans with weekly/daily options for constant virus protection.• **Block dangerous URLs that can steal your private information like logins and passwords - 40% of people will click an unsafe URL from their smartphone this year! • **See the data that each of your apps can access with Privacy Advisor. FIND MY PHONE Ever lose your phone or have it stolen? It’s a horrible feeling and it happens to most people at least once a year. But not all hope is lost. Lookout gives you the best chance at finding your lost phone or tablet. • Find your phone on a Google Map instantly from (simply log-in!) • Sound a loud alarm or make your phone SCREAM to find it even if it’s on silent! • Automatically see your phone's last known location at to find it even when the battery is dead. • Protect your phone from prying eyes! Get an email with the picture and location of anyone who tries to unlock your Android device. • **Remotely lock your phone from to prevent unauthorized use. Add a custom message to help get your phone back faster!• **Wipe your phone's data to rest assured that no one will have access to your info. BACKUP & RESTORE We all have things that we cherish on our phones. Save an extra copy of the personal data on your phone for those “just in case” moments. Access all your data online, quickly and easily, at • Back up your contacts automatically. • Restore all your contacts to your existing phone or tablet from your account • **Protect your valuable pictures and call history automatically. • **Transfer your contacts, pictures, and call history to a new device from *Learn about the latest security threats at *Learn about our permissions at *Like us on Facebook at *Follow us on Twitter at Lookout Security & Antivirus is available in German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Russian and Polish. KW: Antivirus, Anti-virus, Anti virus, Virus, Security, Backup, Find My Droid, Find My Phone, Lost Phone, Phone Finder, Phone Locator, Anti Virus Protection, Trojan, Malware, Spyware, Locator, Lockout, Look Out, GPS Tracker, Anti Theft, Theft Protection, Tracker, Stolen Phone, Outlook, FindMyPhone, Anti-theftNote: If you’re on Android 2.2+ (Froyo) and have trouble uninstalling, go to Settings -> Location & Security -> Select Device Administrators and uncheck Lookout. Contact us at support [at] for questions.

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