Loops! Lite


"Loops!" is a drum machine and step sequencer that allows you to easily create amazing music loops. THE FULL VERSION IS NOW FREE, GO GET THAT ONE!! :)—The app is divided in two sections:- The song composer, the application main view, where you have the list of all the loops available for your song. You can easily add, edit and combine them together using the main grid in order to create more advanced songs. Tapping on a loop let you rename, edit and delete the loop.- the loop composer, where you can compose your loops, the main building modules for your songs. The length of the loop is specified in the options dialog in the song composer. For a complete chromatic scale (only on the instrumental channels) when you add a note, slide your finger up to make it sharp, and slide down to make it flat. In the same way you can add accents in the drum tracks.—This is the LITE version:- load/save/share is disabled;- it is not possible to reorder the loops;- the maximum number of loops is limited to 4 per song;- the maximum number of playbacks of a song is limited to 10 (restarting the app will reset the counter);- the playback of a loop with another loop of the song is disabled;- the control for the mixer is limited only to the master channel.If you want to SAVE your loops and access all the functionalities try the FULL version!Playbacks limit is only in the song editor, restarting the app will reset it!THE FULL VERSION IS NOW FREE, GO GET THAT ONE!! :)—

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