Louder Volume Hack


ROOT ACCESS AND A CUSTOM ROM IS NEEDED, OTHERWISE IT WILL FORCE CLOSETHIS APP IS VERY OUTDATED. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A 1ST GEN PHONE (see below), PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!* DOES NOT WORK ON ANY PHONE RELEASED SINCE THE NEXUS. PLEASE SEARCH "DSP MANAGER" ON GOOGLE FOR AN ALTERNATIVE FOR NEWER PHONES (Nexus onwards). SEE WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO.** I HAVE AN APP CALLED VOLUME+ ON THE MARKET FOR £0.99 THAT WILL WORK ON ANY PHONE WITH GINGERBREAD (2.3). IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON MY WEBSITE!!!******************************Press MENU at the Main version page for extra settings (see screenshot for more info)******************************COMPATIBLET-Mobile G1 / HTC DreamT-Mobile MyTouch 3G / HTC Magic / HTC Sapphire /T-Mobile Touch / HTC HeroT-Mobile PulseHTC Droid ErisHTC TattooAll (i think) HTC Devices prior to the NexusNOT COMPATIBLENexus OneDesireAcer A1Dell StreakThe LG Optimus rangeAll Motorola DevicesAll Samsung DevicesAll Sony Ericsson DevicesEverything Else~ FOR THOSE THAT HAVE INCOMPATIBLE PHONES AND ARE RUNNING GINGERBREAD (ANDROID 2.3) THERE IS AN APP ON THE MARKET CALLED VOLUME+ WHICH WILL WORK FOR YOU. IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON MY WEBSITE ~Problem/bug? Please e-mail me!DOES NOT work on all android phones. See website.

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