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Inspire and spark love with Love & Romance Hot Text Messages, the most romantic and playful love app for Android. Let this App cheers you up with sweet, flirting, teasing romantic love quotes and messages. One click, you can send the love message to your loved one as SMS message or email. This app will help you express your love to that special someone. Birds tweets constantly to call their mates, we think of our loved ones many times a day and send text messages. This App inspires you court your loved ones and make them feel being loved.Examples: I am starving…for your love.You are soo good, you make me want to be very, very bad…Great hearts beat alike.Sugar aint got half of your sweetness.You walked straight out of my dreams and into my life.My whole life has been in preparation for you…You light up my fire!You are talented and creative…in bed.Bees do it, birds do it, let’s do it…You can even set up the app to activate with a message and accompanying notification sound at a specific hour of the day. Paired with beautiful nature and cityscape photos, this is a fun app that will leave you smiling.Love quotes, love poems, love calculator, love meter, love match, love messages, love matcher, love matches, luv, messages, sweet messages, romantic quotes, romantic messages, romantic love poems, romantic messages, romantic sms, love sms, romantic texts, i miss you, i miss you quotes, i miss you sms, flirty quotes, flirty texts, flirty sms, pick up lines, naughty sms, naughty texts, romantic sayings, best love quotes, Love Forwards, Love SMS, Romantic Forwards, Valentine’s Quotes, Valentine’s Messages, Valentines Quotes, Valentines Messages, Valentine’s Day, Valentines Day, Valentine, Love Greetings, Valentines Greetings, Romance, Rose, Love, Heart, Soul

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