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The basic Lucid Dreamer is an Android application that I developed in an attempt to help me Lucid Dream more frequently. Since I had such great results in my tests, I decided to release it for free on the Android Market so that everyone could use it.This is the professional version that allows you to use your own music as well. Instead of just playing a binaural beat like the free version, you can choose to use MP3 files that are stored on your SD Card.The goal of this application is to help you enter a Lucid Dreaming state; to realize you're actually sleeping whilst you dream. Once you make that realization, the possibilities of your dreams are endless! This professional version can help you do so with your own music or by playing a short Binaural beat repeatedly after you have fallen asleep. All you need to do is open the app and choose the Default or Custom Music menu. From those menus, set the delay to a number larger than the amount of minutes it takes for you to fall asleep, click the "Start Dreaming" button, and go to sleep. That's it! Lucid Dreamer will do the rest and start playing the music after the countdown reaches 0. When you wake up, just hit the "Stop Dreaming" button and Lucid Dreamer will stop after the music cycle ends.We highly recommend leaving your phone on the charger while using this app as playing music over and over will likely waste your battery.The basic version is available for free from:

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