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Do you want to feel fitter, healthier and less stressed during a busy week? It's easy with the Lucy Wyndham-Read Personal Trainer app for women. This is the Lite version of the app, enabling you to try the Android Market's best personal trainer app for free. In this Lite version of the app, you can experience a 5 day workout and healthy eating plan, complete with motivational videos and tips.The full version of the app listens to you tell it your target weight and the areas of your body you want to tone, and it builds a 28-day personalised workout and healthy eating plan for you. From the publishers of Women's Fitness and Health & Fitness magazines, developed in association with renowned personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read, every day in the app features a short, fun workout and a full meal plan along with exercise tips. It's easy to record your progress through the workout plan and a series of motivational videos help you keep on the right track. The app is full of exercises which are fun, straightforward and easy. They don’t require special kit and will easily fit around your busy lifestyle - making them ideal for getting back into exercise and feeling good about yourself.LITE APP FEATURES...* 5 days of exercises to try, with photos for every step * A 5 day eating plan, packed with healthy eating recipes* High quality motivational videos to help you keep up with the plan* No internet connection requiredFULL APP FEATURES...* Over 80 different exercises to try, with photos for every step * Over 85 different healthy eating recipes* Shopping list to track what food you need* 28 high quality motivational videos to help you keep up with the plan* Calorie and weight tracking features* No internet connection required

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