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溝通有M+,精彩生活趣味佳 M+ Messenger是一款跨平台讓您跟好友隨時隨地享受免費溝通樂趣的通訊軟體。 現在透過WiFi / 3G就可體驗,特色功能如下: M+「語音訊息」: 語音訊息可隨說隨傳,是您與好友分享歡樂時光的好幫手。 M+「好禮+」: 請朋友喝咖啡、吃蛋糕,還能送提神飲料幫他打打氣! M+「酷圖+」: 圖貼小舖,超多免費圖貼、擴充超方便;我的圖貼,管理無障礙、想排哪就排哪。 M+「動態貼圖」:讓你一用就上癮的動態畫面,把聊天變得更幽默有趣! M+「震動貼圖」:傳個震動貼圖跟好友們傳訊say Hi,給彼此更多互"動"關係! M+「情境信件」:情境背景搭配文字,完整傳達你的心意! M+「預約訊息」:預約訊息收訊的時間,輕鬆安排事前提醒,讓你不再錯過任何重要的時刻! M+「訊息保險箱」:用密碼為你的對話隱私上鎖,可設定多組一對一、一對多聊天室。 M+「電話聯絡簿-電信公司標記」:透過電話簿標示您電話簿聯絡人目前是否與您同一家電信公司(即網內或網外),網內熱線不再煩惱,輕鬆控制費用不破表。 M+「聚樂+」:隨時隨地掌握即時新聞、分享達人資訊、運勢專家精闢解析及最愛明星動態等!立即加入粉絲團,絕不錯過!M+「酷圖+」再進化,店鋪式顯示超優化!超多免費圖貼、擴充超方便;我的圖貼,管理無障礙、想排哪就排哪。首創”音效圖貼”會說話,聊天互動最”聲”動!M+貼心提醒:使用本軟體的上述功能會產生網路資料傳輸費,傳輸費用依據您的行動上網費率方案計價。Communication M + wonderful life is good funM + Messenger is a cross-platform allows you to enjoy free communication fun with friends anytime, anywhere communications software.Through WiFi / 3G can experience the following features:M + "voice message": voice messages with that preach good helper for you and your friends to share the happy hour.M + Gifts + ": ask a friend to drink coffee, eat cake, but also to send a refreshing drink to help him cheer!M + "Kutu +": Sticker Shop, ultra-free paste, the expansion of the ultra-convenient; Figure stickers, management accessibility, which want to row on row which.M + "dynamic map": an addictive dynamic picture chat become more humorous and interesting!M + "shake maps": pass a vibration mapping Communications say Hi to each other more mutual "dynamic" relationship with friends!M + "situational letters: the situational background with text, complete convey your mind!M + "reservation message": reservation message reception time, easy to arrange in advance reminder, so you will not miss any important moment!M + "message safe": the privacy of your dialogue locked with a password, you can set up multiple one-to-one, one-to-many chat rooms.M + "phone book - telecommunications company Tag: marked through the phonebook of your phone book contacts with you with a telecommunications company (ie net or off-net), net Hotline no longer worry Easily control costs - not off the charts.M + "polyethylene music +": to obtain real-time news anytime, anywhere, share up info, fortune experts incisive analysis and dynamic favorite star! Become a fan now, never miss it!M + Kutu "+" Further evolution of stores display super optimization!The super free stickers, expansion super convenient; Figure stickers, management Accessible, would like to row which row which.The first audio diagram paste "talking, chat to interact with the most" sound "move!M + intimate reminder: the use of this software will generate network traffic fees, transfer costs based on your Mobile Internet rate plan pricing.

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