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Is the perfect companion while playing PC games, or even doing the most common tasks through shortcuts in a PC program.Macro Effect is an application for creating custom macros on the phone, and run them on the computer via WiFi. Each Profile (named after a program or game, preferably) will serve a 3 by 3 grid of completely programmable buttons. Create as many profiles as needed, and have them close to you while working or playing.Works in World of Warcraft (WoW), Age of Conan (AoC), and many more!It's possible that this application won't work on every single game/app. But check on the always-changing list below for a list of tested games.Features:-Create as many profiles you need.-Configure cooldowns to each macro button to constantly know when to use them again-Custom names and icons for the totally programmable macros.-Enable English Text-To-Speech to when executing a macro.-Various icons to display when working, crafting, attacking, healing, defending, socializing, and many more.-Import from the gallery personalized icons downloaded from the app's website, the internet, or even made by yourself (Size: 50px by 50px)-Perfect for RPGs MMOs, and RTSs!-Apply your actions in Photoshop as quick as tapping your phone once. Have the macro do whatever you want.-Auto-search for server on two common types of networks. Or enter IP manuallyRequirements:-Client(This app): Android 2.1 or higher AND WiFi connectivity-Server (Windows app): Windows with .Net Framework 4.0Download of server: Check the link in the Twitter Profile Description: of tested games (With Windows 7 x64):WORKING:-World of Warcraft-Mass Effect 2-Warhammer: Dawn of War: Soulstorm -Call of Duty: Black Ops (under Steam)-Age of ConanNOT Working:-Team Fortress II (under Steam)-League of LegendsTo help fill this list contact via email this developer. (Subject: 'Tested Games', Body: The game you tested)or via Twitter @macroeffectCheck the twitter account for fixes, improvements, and changes in future versions!Website currently under-construction. Notes:-Not optimized for tablets yet.-Recommended to connect the device to the pc via usb cable while using it to avoid further discharge using the application.-Disclaimer: We don't assure this application will work in every single program/game. It depends on the complexity of each running application. We ask for optional/volunteer user feedback, send an email to this developer, or follow and mention us on twitter: @macroeffect to help build a more complete list of working/non-working apps and games.-Remember each Online Game might have a policy to respect of not using 3rd-party programs for shortcuts and so. It's your responsibility.

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