Madden NFL 12 Tracker


** THIS IS NOT A GAME, ONLY INSTALL IF YOU HAVE A COPY OF Madden NFL 12 FOR EITHER XBOX360, PS3 OR PC **Madden NFL 12 Tracker is a tool which makes it possible to track you and your friends results, statistics and standings for ranked online matches in the excellent game Madden NFL 12 from Electronic Arts. * Recent match list with team logos.* Leaderboard for you and your friends, who is the best?* Detailed statistics for each player.* Compare your own statistics against other players. * What is the current form (last 10 matches) for a player?* Notifications – Get notified when your friends have played * Share results and more on Twitter, Facebook, SMS and more…Please note that we’re not affilated with EA in any way. This is a game made by a Madden NFL 12 freak for other Madden NFL 12 freaks.Also notice that EA doesn’t provide a stable API to get matches and statistics. Therefore Madden NFL 12 Tracker might not work properly if something changes at the EA servers. In that case please be patient while we try to catch up with the changes.Legal Disclaimer: This app is not an official app or connected to the game

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