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CategoryArcade & Action
VersionVaries with device
DeveloperClueless Ideas
Added4 years ago
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Google Rating3.6
by On October 20, 2011
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- As seen in AppTrailersBe the hero and defend your village from the evil orcs in three different invasion episodes. You will fight in the forest, near the walls and inside the town to defend the town’s last resort, the castle. Compete with people around the world for the highest score in an endless battle to defend everyone in an arcade style gameplay.### Story:What was once a peaceful land is now a scenario of a bloody war. The newly founded horde of Orcs is set to destroy, pillage and kill everyone they encounter. Your village was already target of a first recognition attack by a small group of Orcs that were able to penetrate the walls of your village. Though unprepared and surprised by the assault, you still managed to fight back, protect everyone and expel the small Orc force out of your town. The Orcs sworn they would be back with greater numbers to get revenge. This time though, you will be prepared, at full powers and the Orcs can't even imagine what will be expecting them!### Objective:Use one of the available heroes to defend from the orc invasion in 3 different invasion episodes. You will fight in the forest, near the walls of your town and inside your town. The first two have a fixed number of enemy waves to defeat and the last one is endless, getting harder and harder as your skills increase.### Highlights:- Beatiful scenarios fully optimized for Android tablets- Fluid and amazing character animations- Unique spell animation art- 3 engaging scenarios with unique art- Endless hours of rewarding intense action- Multiple ways to specialize your characters evolution- Next level gameplay- Simple and intuitive yet deep and powerful- A great number of achievements to unlock- Worldwide competition through OpenFeint### Impressions:"I typically do not care for this type of games, but I enjoyed this one as it combined strategy with plenty of action." - Steven Lewis"Great game!" - Tomás Jochec"Wow, this is cool" - "traustitj""Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!" - "Waulok""That looks excellent! I love the art style, nice and polished." - "shojiki""That looks crazy cool" - "mikej"

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