Magic Effect : Fairies Neon


Beautiful little Fairies for your wallpaper, so that they can protect you and make you dream all day long ;)Touch effect : make water ripples effects by touching your screen! Your screen becomes water!The magic effect in automatic mode! To remove the auto mode, go to the settings of your live wallpaper.If you encounter any problem, please email us, we will do our best to help you as soon as possible :)After install : press long on the phone screen, choose the live wallpaper section and then chosse your great new live wallpaper to set it on your screen 🙂 FYI : This free app is ad supported, you may get ads in the notification tray or in a popup – so your live wallpapers will always be free! Please understand that this is the way we can earn our living with you having the alternative to get free apps ;)You will know that you received an ad by seeing a star in your notification tray – you are free to open it or delete it straight away. If you don’t do anything, after a while it will disappear automatically. For apps with no ads, look up "Zymprod Premium" on Google Play! 😉

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