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Mahjong and Friends Japan is a Japanese Riichi Mahjong(麻雀/麻將/麻将) game based on the Riichi Competition Rules(RCR). The game features all Mahjong Hands defined in the rules.MJ&F supports multiplayer through either Bluetooth(*1) or TCP(Intranet/Internet/Wifi/Hotspot(*2)), 2-player is supported in Free version.*1) Bluetooth game requires Android 2.1+.*2) Hosting a "Hotspot" game requires Android 2.2+.MJ&F supports in-game auto save. So that you don't have to worry about losing your game state on a transportation rush.What's more, it features a record logging system that records all of the Mahjong Hands you achieved during your day-to-day game-play.Want others know you've won with a "Big Four Winds" Mahjong Hand? No problem! You can always use the Capture feature to take result screenshot and save it to the SD storage, or use the Share feature to submit the screenshot to your favorite social network.*Mahjong and Friends Japan Free is an Ad-supported app, if you like the game, please support us by rating this app, thanks.**When playing in network mode, ALWAYS use the same versions for all devices.***dear all, please noted that Bluetooth is a short distance communication technology, it needs both devices in short distance(e.g. within 3 meters) to establish a connection.(*update maybe frequent sometimes, please turn on auto-update if you feel this harassing, always check change log to see what's being updated and decide whether to apply, thanks!)Change Log:=========1.3.02A. Fixed some minor AI bugs.B. Fixed locale bug in upgrade message dialog.1.3.03A. Added English instructions and hand reference.B. Fixed the Riichi bug in network mode.1.3.05A. Added "Stronger AI" option.B. Scoring bugs fix.1.3.07A. Fix: Four identical tiles is not allowed in Seven Pairs.B. Fix: Kan (Kong) is not allowed in riichi state if it alters the listen tile combination.C. Added link to purchase full version.1.3.08Bug fixes and minor UI tweaks.1.3.10A. Bug fix: outside hand can't be recognized sometimes.B. Minor tweaks for tablet1.3.14Fixed the display problem for qHD+ devices.1.3.15A. Minor bug fixes.B. Updated to latest Android library, better compatibility and performance enhancement.

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