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You can make your own anaglyph stereoscopic 3D pictures without "3D camera".Make It 3D is a "3D" app that makes normal image to 3D image.Make It 3D app generates anaglyph 3D photo from phone's camera or gallery. Make It 3D app can make anaglyph stereo pictures with only one camera.With Make It 3D app, you don't need "3D" smartphone which has "3D camera" to generate stereophotographs.You can manually adjust intermediate stereogram by watching superimposed left and right pictures like stereoscope.3D glasses are required to (red/cyan) see anaglyph stereoscopy. 3D glasses with black lenses such as the ones from 3D TV will not work.These 3D glasses will not work. - Polarized 3D glasses (LG 3D TV, movie theater) - Active shutter 3D glasses (Samsung 3D TV, Sony 3D TV)Only anaglyph 3D glasses (red/cyan lenses) will work!You can get anaglyph 3D glasses from amazon, e-bay, or local comics store.Share your own 3D image with your friends or our Facebook page.Facebook page are sample images: to use- Select camera or gallery - Take two pictures with camera or select two pictures from gallery- Adjust pictures with arrow and rotation buttons by watching intermediate 3D image- 3D image will generated in a few seconds!Features- Create "3D" image in a few seconds!- Built-in camera with superposition mode: make aligned pictures taking easier!- Manual align mode: you can adjust 3D image by arrow & rotation buttons.- Automatic align mode (PRO version only)- Save 3D image (jpg) file to gallery- Export path: sdcard/MakeIt3D PRO version is also available. Make It 3D PRO provides- Auto align feature- No water mark in generated 3D image- No-ad============================* Previous changes============================v1.02 (7/18/2011)- First releasev1.10 (7/20/2011)- Camera preview error fixedv1.11 (7/24/2011)- Automatic rotation is disabled- Icons in the camera mode are changedv1.12 (7/25/2011)- Fixed gallery Forced Close issues for Honeycombv1.20 (7/31/2011)- User can select all available image resolutions; if selected resolution is larger than 640x480, resulting 3D image will be re-sizedv1.30 (8/3/2011)- The Dubois algorithm is applied to reduce ghost effect- AdMob SDK updatedv1.31 (8/5/2011)- Fixed camera preview related bugsv1.32 (8/11/2011)- Dialogs about HD support are removedv1.33 (8/19/2011)- Solved library loading problem on some devices- Changed selectable camera resolutions (320x240 ~ 1600x1200)v1.34 (8/25/2011)- Japanese language support- Minor bug fix- Solved FC problem when selected picture resolution is larger than 6MP (PRO only)v1.35 (8/31/2011)- Fixed camera start error on some devices - Fixed back key event; this fix enables to take screenshotv1.36 (9/21/2011)- Language supports: German, Chinese (Traditional), Thaiv1.37 (10/1/2011)- Minor bugs fix- Language supports: Spanish, Danishv1.38 (10/7/2011)- Smaller logo (Free only)- Language support: Portuguesev1.39 (10/14/2011)- Minor bugs fix- Language supports: French, Italianv1.40 (10/20/2011)- Minor bugs fix- Language supports: Russian, Turkishv1.41 (1/2/2012)- Fixed FC problems on devices which have physical keyboard- Language support: Indonesian, Malayv1.42 (2/1/2012)- Fixed FC issues on some Honeycomb and Ice cream sandwich devices- Language support: Dutchv1.43 (3/28/2012)- Solved gallery opening issue- Available resolutions for camera are larger than 320x240- Facebook, YouTube buttons are modified- Twitter icon removedv1.44 (5/5/2012)- Solved gallery opening issue on some 2.X devicesv1.45 (5/12/2012)- Removed exit dialog- Added info icon- Solved 3D image saving issue on some ICS devices- Camera setting will be preserved- Fixed various camera bugsv1.46 (5/22/2012)- Fixed gallery bug on some Honeycomb and ICS devices- AdMob SDK updated

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