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Maluuba - Siri alternative and superior voice assistant app for your Android device. - Quoted by PCMAG to be "Siri (and then some) for Android".- 100% Free and Fast with a Smooth operation.- Popular features: Searching for Restaurants, Calling Contacts, Setting Reminders, Asking for Movie Showtimes and Playing MusicFEATURES✓ NEW: Stay up to date with the score of the latest NBA, NHL and MLB games!✓ NEW: Find out when your favorite TV shows are playing on your cable provider! (Currently only for North America)✓ Use our custom Widget to ask Maluuba for help straight from your home screen✓ Hungry? Search for restaurants with Maluuba with questions like "Where can I get a cheeseburger?"✓ Get directions to places you're looking for✓ Shop in Maluuba with queries like "Show me some great skirts that cost around $50"✓ Ask for movie showtimes and watch trailers through the app✓ Set Reminders easily! E.g. "Remind me to buy milk on Tuesday at 8pm"✓ Create Alarms through voice like 'Wake me up tomorrow at 8am'✓ Ask general, knowledge questions and get exact results✓ Connect to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare✓ Ask queries like 'where can I get a toothbrush?" or 'where can I practice yoga?"Follow us on Twitter and check out our blog to stay updated with the cool new features we are working on: care deeply about your privacy and we ensure that your information is secure and protected. See our blog posting here for more details: Contact us --We love making our users happy. If you have any problems or comments or suggestions for improving our app, please contact us at Your feedback is important to us. Compare Maluuba to Apple Siri, Robin, Vlingo, Evi, Speaktoit Assistant, Skyvi, Nuance Dragon Go, Iris, Voice Actions, Andy, Sonalight, Jeannie, EVA Intern, TiKL and other personal assistant or driving assistant apps.

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