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Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Synapse's groundbreaking adaptive algorithm allows you to force your brain to permanently memorize over 5000 characters, bigrams, trigrams, and proverbs.By analyzing which questions you get wrong, your total percentage wrong, and several other factors, Mandarin Synapse constantly adjusts the content and difficulty level. The more you miss a word, the more often it comes up. As you start getting the word right, the word appears at greater and greater intervals, forcing it into your long term memory. If you hate memorizing, but want to learn Mandarin, Mandarin Chinese Synapse is your new best friend.*Adaptive Algorithm Makes Memorization Easier*Build Vocabulary from Basic Words to HSK Level 6*Learn over 5000 words, through over 7000 questions.*Hear words slowly overpronounced by a native speaker, to learn exactly how to pronounce them*Learn Traditional and Simplified Characters Side by Side*Try out the Free Version before you buy!How to Use:Pick a target score (usually 100). Keep going until you get to the target score. Or, just try to beat your old high score!Notes: This is a large program. You may need to download over Wi-fi, so make sure Wi-fi is turned on.T = TraditionalS = SimplifiedPinyin is used only to help learn character pronunciation. Thus, pinyin is written as syllables, rather than words.

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