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Mandarin Vocabulary (Album 3)

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Product: Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Vocal Learning (Album 3) -- I Speak MandarinProducer: Jason (Graduated in U.S.A. with a Master Degree, M.Sc.)Attention Dear Customers:This software is free for you to use. We only depend on the little income from the advertisement (ads) of this software to support the further development and maintenance of this software. Hence, the only requirement is that you need to watch the advertisement (Ads) displayed on the top or bottom of the screen in this software only one time per day, and watch Ads up to 3 days. Please note that you need to click through to the advertisement screen. If you agree with this term, you can download and free to use it. If you keep your promise, all fortune and luck will be with you all the time.The software has the following features and functions: - The main sound recording engineer is a woman teacher who was awarded qualification certificate of teaching Mandarin by China Authority, and has accurate Mandarin pronunciation for Chinese characters and has a mellow and full tone.- Offers 300 Chinese Vocabularies, which are divided into the following categories. You can learn at anytime and anywhere, so it’s very convenient: (1) Home, (2) Accessories- It displays English, Traditional Chinese , Simplified Chinese, and Mandarin Pinyin at the same time.- These Chinese Vocabularies are all the commonly used ones and frequently encountered in the daily life. They are the Chinese Vocabularies that Mandarin learner must know, and they will help you establish a good foundation of Mandarin.- Displays Mandarin pinyin for the Chinese Vocabularies, this will make it more easy for you to learn and make accurate Mandarin pronunciation.- There are corresponding English explanations for the Chinese Vocabularies. Displays Traditional and Simplified Chinese Vocabularies, you may learn the Simplified Chinese and the Traditional Chinese characters at the same time. - Suitable for students and any persons of different ages who learn Mandarin Chinese. - Suitable for any person who want to apply for taking part in the public examinations of Mandarin Chinese ability, and will help you obtain excellent achievements.- Suitable for people who want to strengthen their ability of Mandarin Chinese conversation, word pronunciation and Chinese writing.- I speak Putonghua

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