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DeveloperTask Force
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by On April 10, 2012
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Effects are added in real time camera images.When you touch the screen, you can shoot.(Images are stored on an SD card.)Over the camera, and always slightly different look at the scenery![Operation]When you start the Manga, is displayed in real-time camera images.  [How to Shoot]  When you touch the screen, images are stored on the SD card.  (SD cards are stored below / Manga /.)  [How to quit Applications]  And ends with one of the following steps.    ・Press the Home button on the device.    ・From the menu screen "Exit" to select.  [Screen Menu]  Press the Menu button on the terminal displays the following menu at the bottom.  [Exit]  Exit the Manga.  [How to Use]  Displays a simple manual.  [Option]  You can adjust the intensity of the effect.  Please set the slide bar to the desired strength.  [About This Application]  Displays copyright information for Manga.  [Terminal that can be installed]  With more cameras can be installed in a device.  Android OS 2.1. or later version.[Tested Device]Sony     Xperia(SO-01B)     Android OS 2.1 updateSAMSUNG  GALAXY S (SC-02B)  Android OS 2.2Sharp    LYNX 3D(SH-03C)    Android OS 2.2Dell     Streak(Softbank 001DL)  Android OS 2.2

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