The ManoPaper app provides the scanned image from a document or picture on a dedicated paper using your smartphone camera. Using this app, you can share some handwritten notes or memos with other people as the same original size and store them in your smartphone to see later whenever you need them.You can manage your business card and also use the app as a portable copier or fax. So you can easily send and receive some descriptions that include pictures or drawings. The dedicated paper has some marks for image recognition and correction. It also has some OMRs for automatic paper size recognition and image data classification.Description for the figure1. Write something on the dedicated paper note and take a picture using app.2. You can also enter a description for the taken photo.3. Check the stored photo image in the list.4. Edit the stored photo image.5. You can send the stored image together with any other photos in your album or gallery.For more information, please see the homepage,Note,Memo,Emotion,Image tool,Image editing,Image transfer,Image correction

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