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LISTEN AND GROW RICH!!!Innovation Mantra presents to you - One of the rarest and most powerful seed mantra for generating wealth- The Ultimate Seed Mantra of wealth VERY IMPORTANT : For Best results :-While listening to this Mantra (-"Om Rim Shrim Lakshmibhyo Namah"), it is recommended that you start having faith that you will be rich and are destined to be so and believe it strongly. Let no shadow of doubt weaken this belief in you.This powerful ancient mantra when coupled with your thoughts and innermost desire of attaining wealth and becoming rich, has the power to turn your innermost desire of wealth into reality. Its based on the ancient wisdom of generating sound to direct the energy of the universe to resonate with your inner desire and let the law of attraction work in your favour in the most powerful way.The picture that you see on the application is an ancient yantra (device) consisting of interwoven triangles is called as Sriyantra - the most powerful wealth making device known to mankind. The architecture of places of worship of several ancient civilizations like Tibbetan, Mayan, Incas and Hindu have shown the presence of this Yantra. It is advicable to have this yantra in your home or business establishments to generate wealth.In order to Amplify the effects the sound of Mantra of wealth and Riches has been carefully laced with the sound of gold coins in a natural environment so as to keep your mind focussed on your desire of making wealth. It is strongly believed that listening for 5-10 minutes everyday (same time) in the morning and evening in this mantra for a continued period of time (with no breaks) is the most beneficial way to use this Powerful mantra. May god gives you all the wealth that your heart desires!!!AmenNOTE : Requesting you to kindly post any financial gains you have made after listening to this powerful wealth generating Mantra in the feedback section to help others get benefitted from this ancient and most powerful mantra.

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