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DeveloperSteve Walker
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Marbloids is a simple falling marbles game in which you play against Android to score as many points as possible. Similar to puzzle games such as Connect 4, Drop7, Bejeweled or Tetris this addictive, brain-teasing game will have you playing again and again.To play Marbloids press a column on the playing grid; a new marble will appear at the lowest available position in that column. Android will do the same and add one of its marbles. This is repeated until there are no more spaces on the board at which point the game will end.You score points by adding your marbles to form groups of three (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). When you create such a group the three marbles are removed from the grid and you score 100 points. Any marbles above the removed group will fall to occupy the newly vacant spaces; if these form new groups they too will be removed and additional points scored (100 for every group removed). This is repeated until all the possible groups have been removed. This 'cascade' effect can be used to clear away several marbles in a single move (and score lots of points!)Your task is to clear away as many marbles as possible to score points and create space on the grid for more marbles to be added. Android's task is to stop you by adding marbles of its own, preventing you from creating your groups.Android's marbles are added in exactly the same way but do not form groups of three. Instead they are removed only when they form a complete line across the playing grid. When Android marbles are removed, any groups of three formed by your marbles will also be removed scoring further points for you.To start playing Marbloids press New Game on the main menu. Games can be paused at any time by returning to the menu. Press Resume Game to continue playing. Pressing New Game when a game is in progress will cause that game to be abandoned and a new game started (a warning will be given so you won't lose a game by accident).The Hi Scores page shows the top 20 high scorers. The default player name can be set in the Settings page (press the Android menu button on the game menu screen). You will be asked to enter a name at the end of a game if you have achieved a high score. Accept the default name or type a new one if your sharing the game with someone and wish to distinguish their scores in the Hi Scores list.

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