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Martian Time is a time keeper for time on the planet Mars designed for those who wish to monitor time at specific landmarks, such as Olympus Mons or Mars rover sites, including MSL CURIOSITY.Martian time does not only compute the major martian time definitions but also provides Solar and Terran longitudes, latitudes, hour angles, azimuths and altitudes, etc, for selected landmarks as if observed on Mars.In addition, a full set of Mars ephemerides with reference to Earth is computed for real-time. Select one from 12 available surface map textures for the rotatable Mars globe and popular landmarks from a list of approximately 50 locations, including rover sites.Martian Time employs the algorithm of Mars24, a Java applet developed by NASA/GISS and is therefore believed to be highly accurate provided your phone's time and timezone are set correctly.ESSENTIAL FEATURES* Local Time/Phone System Time* Universal Time, GMT or UTC* Coordinated Mars Time, MTC* Local Mean Zone Time, LMZT* Local Mean Solar Time, LMST* Local true Solar Time, LTST* Definitions for Mars times* Twelve surface map textures* Approx. 50 landmarks with data and images - Day & night terminator map - Position of Sun and Earth - Martian local Sunrise & sunset times - longitude, latitude - azimuth, altitude - hour angle, sidereal time, etc.* Mars ephemerides* Mars elongation chart* 3D-Mars space view* 3D-Earth view as seen from Marsご購入をお考えのお客様へ、本アプリーに関するご質問は日本語でもお受けしております。お気軽にお問い合わせください。Keywords: astronomy,mars,mars time,martian,MSL,Curiosity, Opportunity, Spirit, Mars RoverBEFORE YOU PURCHASE:This application is believed to be reliable and accurate, however, errors inherent to the human factor or operating system implementation cannot be ruled out entirely.1. This application is designed for phones and is "tablet-friendly" in portrait mode.2. Please appreciate that the author cannot purchase all hardware and provider contracts for the large number of Android devices currently on the market. Please be so kind as to send a report preferably with screen snap should you encounter any layout issues.3. This application requires Android 2.1 or higher and a display which is to the Android standard.4. This application operates in portrait mode only.5. Please contact the author, if you have any pre-sales questions.

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